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Date of Application:

Name of Applicant:

Applicant’s Phone Number & Email Address:

Affiliation of Applicant with St. Paul’s Church:

Name of Organization/Project:

Name of Contact within Organization/Project:

Contact’s Phone Number and Email Address:

Organization’s Website (if applicable):

Organization’s Tax Status  (if applicable):

Does the Organization fall under the auspices of any other institution?  If yes, please list and define the relationship.

Purpose or Mission of Organization/Project (please include the cause of the organization, the population served and the specific work executed)

Grant Request ($):

How will the grant funding be used? 

If funds are to be used for the general operating budget of an organization please state the organization’s annual budget and the percentage of budget that goes toward administrative costs.

If funds are to be used for a specific project please give a summary of the project including projected expenses.

Proposed Funding should be paid to the order of:

Proposed Funding should be mailed to:

Organizations with 501c3 status must submit a Financial Report with the application.  Individuals or organizations without 501c3 status must submit a Project Budget (see form).  Other supporting documentation regarding the Organization or project may also be included.

Materials should submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed to:           

St. Paul’s Church
Attn:  Ministry Outside the Parish
15 St. Paul Street
Brookline, MA  02446

Direct any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simply use the outline in the MOP Grant Application form (MS Word versionto structure your response.  Email or mail the completed application as indicated at the bottom of the form. Applications will not be considered if they are incomplete. We strictly do not wire funds to grantees, so please provide an address where the check can be safely mailed. Grants cannot be awarded for personal expenses or projects or ventures


When should I apply for a MOP Grant and when will I find out if I have received funding?

Applications are accepted year round and are deliberated on the following schedule in 2017:

Round Applications Due Proposal Forum Notification
 1 February 27 March 19 April 19
 2 May 14 May 28 June 25
 3 September 30 October 15 November 15
4 November 14 November 26 December 23


Can I Get Assistance in Applying for a MOP Grant?

Yes!  Any MOP Committee Member would be happy to answer further questions and/or assist you in completing the application process. Contact any of the following members:

Chair: Matshai Motimele  Tim Hintz
Members: Clara Batchelor Martha Curtis
  Holly Bishop Steve Morrissey
  Eleanor Allen Fred Muehter
  Sam Kauffmann Jane deLima Thomas
  Paul Daigneault Lindsey Toomey
  Kate Kelley Cricket Lewis
  Georgia Smith


For more information, please see the main article on Ministry Outside the Parish.

How Can I Be Involved with MOP?

All parishioners are invited to attend MOP Proposal Forums and are encouraged to express their opinions on the proposals.  A MOP Committee Member will take notes at the Forums and the presenting MOP Members will contact applicants following the Forums with additional questions or concerns brought up at the Forum.

Who Can Vote on Proposals?

MOP Committee Members vote on proposals at a separate meeting held within two weeks of the Forum.  Any parishioner who has attended at least two of the past year’s Forums is welcome to join the Committee.  Membership opens in January of each year.

What are the duties of Committee Members?

  • Attending all Proposal Forums and Funding Meetings
  • Vetting and then presenting 1-2 applications at the Forum each cycle
  • Following up with applicants after the Forum
  • Assisting in arranging related parish-wide activities

What are the duties of the Committee Chair(s)?

  • Accepting applications
  • Coordinating application vetting by members
  • Setting Proposal Forum and Funding Meeting dates
  • Notifying Parish of upcoming Forums and MOP Presentations
  • Moderating Proposals and Funding Meetings
  • Notifying Applicants of Funding Decisions
  • Processing checks (in coordination with Parish Administrator)
  • Accepting Post-Funding reports
  • Keeping account of MOP funds
  • Notifying Parish of Awards each cycle
  • Submitting Annual Report to Parish
  • Arranging related parish-wide enrichment activities when appropriate

Can Parishioners Apply for a MOP Grant?

Yes!  Parishioners involved in organizations that fall under the Funding Guidelines are encouraged to seek funding for those organizations and/or their projects.  Applications by parishioners are vetted and presented by a MOP Committee Member in the same manner as other proposals.  Applying parishioners may answer questions during the Proposal Forum; however, those who are also MOP Committee Members are asked to recluse themselves during the Funding Meeting in which their application is being determined.

What organizations have been funded by MOP in the past?

MOP has funded numerous organizations over its 30 year history.  The following are just a sample:

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