Acolytes serve as altar assistants to the presiding clergy during Sunday services at 10:00 a.m. The rotation is generally one Sunday per month. All children in second grade and above are invited to become acolytes. To sign your child up to serve, visit our online server spreadsheet; enter your child's name in the age-appropriate category (see below), and make sure that your child is in the sacristy (dressing room) at the back of the sanctuary by 9:40 AM for training on the day they are assigned to serve.

Torchbearers (grades 2 and above)
Torchbearers light the altar candles, carry the large candles (torches), and have other jobs during the church service.

Crucifers (grades 5 and above)
Crucifers lead the procession into the church by carrying the cross for each service.

Servers (grades 8 and above)
Sometimes called “subdeacons,” servers help to set the table for the Holy Eucharist.

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