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This Sunday at St. Paul's: November 12, 2017 (Ingathering Sunday)

8:00 am:         Contemplative Service of Holy Communion (Chapel)

9:00 am:         Church School (Lower Level)

                      Joyful Voice Rehearsal (Choir Room)

                      Adult Education: Building a Commonwealth of Blessing  (Great Hall)

                      Confirmation Class (Lichtenberger Room)

10:00 am         Holy Eucharist with Sermon and Joyful Voice (Sanctuary)

11:15 am         Coffee Hour (Great Hall)

11:30 am         Hidden Brookline Walking Tour (meet in Great Hall to walk to Town Hall)   

  • Adult Education: We invite you to share with us in "Building a Commonwealth of Blessing", our theme for this year's Appeal. This coming Sunday, we will explore the diverse ways individuals can engage in the work of the St. Paul's community.  What is my role? How do I think about offering my "time, talent, and treasure?
  • Hidden Brookline Walking Tour: After church this coming Sunday, beginning at noon at the Town Hall, we will participate in a walking tour led by Hidden Brookline. Those with mobility challenges can join us in cars and meet us at each stop on the tour. The tour will end at approximately 1:30pm.  
This Week at St. Paul's

Monday, November 13                Yoga                           7:00 am (Lichtenberger Room)

Tuesday, November 14                Pastoral Care Team     2:00 pm (Lichtenberger Room) 

                                                 Scripture Group          7:30 pm (Lichtenberger Room)

Wednesday, November 15           Choir Rehearsal          7:00 pm (Choir Room)


Kindness Campaign

Our lives matter most in the moments   we let others know how much their lives matter.               ~ Steve Schultz 

Upcoming Events for Youth and Children

Sunday, November 19: 

Deanery Pie Making at Church of the Redeemer from 1-3pm (Junior High Youth)

Food Pantry Support at St. Paul's (Senior High Youth)

We will continue to meet downstairs until the first weekend of Advent. At that time we will move Pre-K through 2nd upstairs during Pageant rehearsal through the rest of 2017. We will start 2018 in the Brookline Teen Center on Aspinwall St. and will remain there until the end of the Church School Year.  

Blessings, Maggie Taylor, Director of Children and Youth,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Building a Commonwealth of Blessing
Helpful Facts About Pledging

How is this different than the capital campaign?

The vestry and parish launched a capital campaign lat year to raise funds for important improvements to our sacred spaces. It is distinct from pledging and stewardship. Annual pledging comes first. Pledges are the basic sustenance of parish life and represent both our vitality and our capacity for more growth.

Why does giving to the church matter spiritually?

Because we are St. Paul's: our spiritual life, our experience of worship, reverence,and music, our passion for justice and ministry outside the parish, our learning and care for one another, our humor and celebration are communal realities.

Because we are grateful for the nourishment and care we receive and the challenges that help us grow as people of faith and as community members.

Because it is helpful and good to discern our priorities: What really matters in our lives? Where do we spend our time? For what are we grateful? To what values do we dedicate our lives?

Because giving to the church is an act of generosity, but also an act of trust. Both trust and generosity are spiritual practices or disciplines. 

Invitation for Ministry Outside the Parish (M.O.P.) Grant Applications

Every year St.Paul's M.O.P. committee awards grants to approximately 20 non-profit organizations doing GOD's work in very diverse fields from Boston to Guatemala. If there is an organization you would like us to support, then please invite them to apply. Information about the application process and forms can be found on our church websiteOur next deadline for applications is November 14. If you have questions, please speak to Matshai Motimele or Tim Hintz or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    

Scripture Group: November 14
Scripture Group meets again on Tuesday, November 14 from 7:30-9:00 pm in the Lichtenberger Room. Please click here for the readings; we're following Track 2.
Adult Formation, Sundays at 9:00 am: November / December 2017

November 19: Reimagining Advent, Part 1

What Are We Waiting For? Expecting the Reign of God
Advent means "coming" - but what exactly is coming? As we look at the readings and liturgical prayers for Advent, what do they tell us about the goal and rich purpose of this liturgical season? Is it really all about the baby in the manger, or is it more than that?

November 26: Intergenerational Activity - making Advent wreaths
Gather with folks of all ages to make your own Advent wreath and enter into the joyous expectation of the Advent season!

December 3: Reimagining Advent, Part 2
Why Reimagine Advent? Questioning the Christmas Culture
Has the consumer Christmas culture hijacked our experience of Advent? Why might this be a problem? How can we keep from being overwhelmed by the demands of retail and a Christmas shopping season that begins earlier and earlier each year?

December 10: Reimagining Advent, Part 3
Seven Faces of Expectation - the "O" Antiphons
The ancient "O" Antiphons, sung in monastic communities at Vespers during the week before Christmas, give expression to seven different images for the Messiah. These images can serve as the anchor for a seven week Advent season in which each week, beginning in early to mid-November, focuses on a different aspect of God's Kingdom and the Messiah who will help usher in that kingdom.

December 17: Reimagining Advent, Part 4
Sights and Sounds of a Reimagined Advent - What About the Advent Wreath?
What would a reimagined Advent season look, sound, and feel like? If Advent is seven weeks long, what will the Advent wreath look like? What will we see, what will we sing, and how will our prayers reflect this extended and enriched liturgical season?

December 24: Why Incarnation? Learning from the Early Church
On this last Sunday of Advent - which is also the Eve of the Feast of the Incarnation! - what does it mean to us that God has come to us as a human being? What gift are we being offered, for ourselves and for the world? We will reflect on and pray with some writings from Christians from the first few centuries, as we prepare to welcome the Christ child into our

Meet and Greet Pine Village Preschool Representatives:
November 19

Come meet our new lower level partner, Pine Village Preschool. Representatives from Pine Village will join us during coffee hour on Sunday, November 19.

Pine Village Preschool will begin using our lower level space Monday-Friday for their first Brookline location upon completion of the renovation (sometime late spring early summer). For more information about Pine Village, please visit the Pine Village website.    

Brookline Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship Service

 Sunday, November 19; 3:00pm at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline

with the participation of:

Too Clez for Comfort (the Temple Ohabei Shalom Klezmer Group) 

Temple Ohabei Shalom Adult Choir, and United Parish Chancel Choir 

Followed by an action of solidarity with the Brookline Food Pantry 

Come center yourself for the Thanksgiving holiday at a service with readings, music and prayer. We will honor our blessings and share them with the Brookline Food Pantry. At offering time, goods or monetary donations will be shared.

Goods include: Sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste and brushes, mouthwash, combs, hairbrushes, paper towels, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, instant or ground coffee, tea, brown rice, lentils, salt and pepper, spices for cooking, flour, sugar (1 - 2 lbs.), condiments and cooking oil.

~~ Organized by the Brookline Clergy Association ~~ 

Mil Milagros Artesania Sale: December 3

You are invited to St. Paul's first Mil Milagros Artesania (handicrafts) Sale here at St. Paul's on Sunday, December 3 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Find special Christmas gifts of jewelry, ornaments, scarves, and bags handmade by indigenous Maya women. All proceeds benefit the women and Mil Milagros which works in rural Guatemala to prevent malnutrition and hunger and to improve children's health and education. Mil Milagros is led by St. Paul's parishioner Margaret Blood and supported with a  Ministry Outside the Parish (M.O.P.) grant.  

Serving us this week
Preacher  The Rev. Elise A. Feyerherm 
Presider  The Rev. Jeffrey W. Mello  
Assisting Clergy  The Rev. Megan C. Holding 
Deacon  The Ven. Pat Zifcak 
Director of Music  Andrew Clarkson 
Verger  Kendall Gray 
Server  Ardani Mello-Daigneault 
Crucifer  Austin Jewell 
Torchbearers Elior Zaremba and Jane Hopkin 
Lectors                                     Angie Marks and Leah Rugen  
Prayers of the People  E. Lorraine Baugh  
Chalice Bearers    Linda Sanches and Madeleine Taylor 
Healing Prayers  Beverly EstesSmargiassi and Steve Morrissey 
Eucharistic Visitor  John Ferguson 

Vestry Representatives 

Barbie Maniscalco, Alan Fried, and Leah Rugen  

Altar Guild 

8:00 am: Ann Colageo
10:00 am: John Ferguson and Michael Scheffler   

Greeters  John Ahonen, Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Judy Rice, and Adelaide Xie  
Ushers  Walter Mucha, Sam Scott, Hanako Norton,
Robert Burke, Jeannie Baca, and Ben Norton   
Coffee Hour Host  Betsy Munzer 

Click here to view the server spreadsheet. If you need to make a change, please find someone to swap with and let your ministry leader know so that the server spreadsheet can be updated. 

Celebrations, Memorials, and Prayers 

 Celebrations  We remember and celebrate the birthdays of Jesse Hopkin, Lena Schultzberg, and Andrew Batchelor.  

 Memorials The altar flowers this week have been given in loving memory of Dianne Collins Ouellette by Berred Ouellette.

Prayers   Jennifer L., Felina R., the Children and Staff of Mil Milagros, Tim G., Camille J-F, Debra, Janet R., David F., Kendall G., Ruth R., Paul, Alexander T., Gerke V., Kim L., Lavinia J., Deborah F., Kitty C., Alissa P., Jane K., Whitney, Susan P., Fran C., Nan C., Sue H., Marnie, Shelley, and those in the military: Lucas S., Hana L., and Jamie C. 

Scripture Readings

Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Matthew 25:1-13

Wherever you are on your journey with or toward God,
you are welcome and invited at St. Paul's!

Abundant Blessings,

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brookline

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