Ezekiel 33:7—11; Romans 13:8—14; Matthew 18:15—20

As we sit here this morning, we do so knowing that our brothers and sisters around the country and the world are suffering.  Hurricanes on the Gulf, wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, earthquakes off the coast of Mexico, flooding in south asia, and mudslides in Sierra Leone.  To say nothing of the disasters of opioid addiction, gun violence, mass incarceration, racism, xenophobia and the list goes on.

Let’s just sit for a moment absorbing that, and giving thanks that we are here, safe and dry, for the moment.


Some might wonder, in the face of such overwhelming need, fear, and uncertainty in the word, how coming together like this does any good.  How we can gather to sing hymns of joy and celebration, to rejoice in one another’s company, to concern ourselves with things like yard sales, Sunday school, coffee hours, and the many other ministries that we begin again this morning with renewed attention and focus as another program year begins?

How can we think about church at a time like this?  How can we not?

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